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Flodesk University Instructor


Kayla Hollatz is a trusted website copywriter and strategist for entrepreneurs and their favorite SaaS tools. She takes a “strategy first, words second” approach to email copywriting, teaching others to embrace conversion techniques and experiment with new ideas.

Profile at a glance

  • Years in business: 6
  • Personality type: 4w3, INFP
  • Always up for: hiking, road tripping and journaling
  • Best email advice: Keep it simple and always include a call-to-action that takes people from where they are now to where they want to go.
  • Ask her about: email copywriting, brand voice development, website strategy

Why Kayla loves Flodesk

"As a copywriter, I know it’s not only about what your emails say but also how they are designed. Flodesk is a visual thinker’s dream, helping us completely reimagine the way we connect with subscribers and nurture relationships over time. I highly recommend it!"
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