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Circle Headshot Emilie

Flodesk University Instructor


Emilie is a true builder of bridges. In her business, she works to close that communication gap between her clients and their target market with strategic copy, accessible design and understanding of multicultural nuances. She has spoken on stage since age fourteen, in three countries and in three different languages.

Profile at a glance

  • Years in business: 8
  • Personality type: Enneagram 7w8, Myers Briggs ENFP
  • Always up for: coffee and coworking dates with friends; weekly bakery runs with my family; traveling abroad (Scandinavia, here I come!)
  • Best email advice: Never underestimate the power of your own voice. Your subscribers signed up because they adore you, not just a formula.
  • Ask her about: accessible brand and website design; conversion copywriting (with a whole lot of zest); content marketing strategy

Why Emilie loves Flodesk

Flodesk is an incredible email marketing platform and I love it for so many reasons. Not only are the founders incredible human beings who care deeply about their community and their needs, but they are continuously building important features into this resource, like alternative text for accessibility purposes.
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