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Circle Headshot Michelle

Flodesk University Instructor

D. Michele

Michele is a content strategist, creative director and communications nerd who leverages 25+ years of educating leaders on the international stage and raising 7+ figures in the nonprofit sector to help creative small businesses unlock the power of story to get seen, serve well, and sell out.

Profile at a glance

  • Years in business: 30+
  • Personality type: 5w4, INFJ
  • Always up for: creativity research, watercolor and well-written reads
  • Best email advice: The best email marketing strategy isn't about email at all, it's about showing up and building relationships.
  • Ask her about: creative storytelling, content strategy, email marketing

Why Michele loves Flodesk

Flodesk makes creating reader-focused emails simple, efficient and beautiful. I love that what I see in my head can be easily implemented in a way that adds value to my readers and represents my brand well.
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